Looking for a way to earn more income and increase exposure to your amazing fashion handbag business?
Become a purse party consultant start selling wholesale designer inspired handbags and see the benefits - increase your sales and profits, have a consistent supply of customers and have lots of fun meeting new people. 
These are the advantages to partnering with us for your party: 
  • We'll help you every step of the way - starting with our detailed guide!
  • Fabulous wholesale prices
  • Opportunity for real income- your hard work pays off!
  • Be your own Boss!
  • You could earn $300 or more from just one event! The possibilities are limitless.

If you are a Purse party consultants you must already know that selling purses at parties can be a profitable business. 
Here are some tips for purse party consultants to step it up a notch:

• Create a theme for the party. 
• Have nice incentives.
• Keep up the relationship. 
• Make sure you have a web site! 
• Hand out business cards at the party. 
• Have a signature gift or refreshment.

Get a jump start on your purse party business!
We’ll help you personalize your purse party business so that you get the right products
for your market and the best wholesale prices so you can earn the highest profits for your business.
In one purse party you can make up to $300 or even more. Get together with friends
and family; use this as an opportunity to meet new people and widen your circle; throw
a party for a good cause and make a charitable contribution; your business is rich with
possibilities and opportunities.
Continue to grow your business as your clients continue to update their wardrobes. You
can host purse parties every season with your solid, return clients who know and love
your style and your handbags. Demonstrate your seasonal style with new offerings and
gain new clients as you build relationship with your regular clients.
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Tip: If you're looking to expand your offerings, the best products you can add to your mix are fashion accessories. Women love sets, and will purchase items that match what they already have or don't have.Those who care about fashion aren't going to buy a purple suede wallet to go with a black leather bag. Help them out! Showcase a large selection of accessories and cool appreal for their tastes. Wholesale fashion handbags and wallets will end up to be a smart invesment! 

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