Our Wholesale Celebrity Purses are officially licensed features syndicate tags. Betty Boop purse, Elvis Presley bag or wallet, I love Lucy luggage or just a messenger bag, Felix the Cat bags and wallets, Olive Oyl pocketbook these are all fun and stylish. They add a bit of character to your boutique, cart or display collection. When you want to add a bit of flair without going wild, they offer just the right touch of oomph. As a purse party consultant, or a retailer you can add them to your inventory to spice up your mix. As an addition to the usual display of merchandise with standard offerings, they can boost your sales, bringing new customers and widening your market.

The Celebrity category includes cute, sporty, elegant, and fun bags perfect for the casual yet fervent Celebrity fan. Purses and bags at effortlessly chic look perfect for any time of day. Great shape bags and style, slim and compact, wide and large with just enough room for your essentials to fit. A
wonderful choice for physical activities are the adjustable strap bags, as you can tailor it to fit and wear it either cross body or on your shoulder whatever is the most comfortable.

A terrific section for any fashion handbags store or Celebrity collection of products in any type of store.

Buy it at wholesale price add it to your  fabulous collection and watch how your profit grow.



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